Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some birthday and other types of cakes I have made!!!

Here are some of the cakes I have done that are birthday or other types of celebratory cakes!

This cake is my nephew James' 7th birthday cake. He wanted it to be star wars so I put on an edible image! Its his favorite, banana cake, with cream cheese icing!

These next two pics were of the cake that I have already showed you above from my nephews party but I didnt have these pics at the time to post...this one is of the little guy himself, James, at his 7th birthday party about to blow out his candle! The one below is just a close-up of the edible image!

This cake I made for my BIL's birthday! It was his 30th! I believe it was a spice cake! My sister threw him a surprise party for him!

This was my niece's 9th birthday party cake...she had a pool/slumber party! I spent the night with them on her and monica's request and we did a fashion show and I did their make-up. We had so much fun! Her cake is Hannah Montana themed with fondant stars and swirls!

This is a VERY CHOCOLATY cake I made for our pastor's birthday!

Here is a fall version of the above cake that I made for my beautiful sister, Monica's birthday!

Here is a cake I made for doctor's office. The problem was my old dog ate the first version of it and I had to create this in like an hour. It was still VERY warm when I delivered it...so I was not happy with how it turned out but I am sure it was VERY YUMMY!

Here are some sheet cakes I have done...

this one was for a friend of the family, Emily's birthday party which was held at a hotel and they were having a pool party! The pool water is icing gel, the towel,slippers and chairs, girl, ball and lifesaver is fondant! I had fun making this!

This was made for Berean Baptist. Jenni Maples ordered it for her church as they were celebrating their volunteers! I made a round cake to come out of the cake like the earth!

The above client ordered two sheet cakes for her sons graduation. He wanted specific things on it, on this one he wanted the bible, chipotle burrito and a guitar. All made out of fondant and other materials!

This one included his sports he played!

Here is my nephew Noah's 4th birthday party cake! Car's theme!

handsome noah!

I surprised Jim this year with a birthday party and this is the cake I made him!

This is a cake I made for our pastor and his wife's anniversary! I felt bad though because I was in a rush so I did not get to do it like I wanted too!

my first and HOPEFULLY last purse cake...i had lots of problems with it but it turned out ok eventually!

my mom/dad asked me to make my grandma rose a birthday cake last year and this is what I came up with! She loved it!

I LOVE PRESENT CAKES! This was for a bridal shower that the lady wanted it to kind of look like a Tiffany's ring box. I love this cake!

This was for a client's little girl who requested a unicorn, butterfly, dragonfly and rainbow to be on her cake! I brought out my inner girly self to do this one, I loved it!

For a cos student who graduated!
Stay tuned! More to come!

love, april

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  1. I love all of them! You have been blessed with some awesome creativity! I love the purse one :)