Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the cupcakes.

and now....the CUPCAKES!!

Here are some of the cupcakes I have made through the past year or so!
Actually these first two pics are of fondant roses that I have made. They are VERY TIME CONSUMING but I find relaxing! I love making them! I just have to make sure I have plenty of time! They take days!

here are some cupcakes I left for my in-laws since they looked after our dog while we were on vacation!

yum yum.... green daisies

i want one now... :0)

happy valentine's day!


heavenly pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting! :0)

how cute are these! snowmen christmas cupcakes I made for our kids at AWANA!

easter cupcakes...chicks and lambs made out of icing!

We surprised Shaun with a little surprise birthday party while we were on vacation in the Smoky Mountains!

Her cupcakes!

Stay tuned...more to come!

Love, april

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  1. I love love love the roses you made... They really look time consuming but at the same time with some Praise & Worship music I bet its very relaxing!!! :) I love to sing too girlie... I was on a Worship Team at my last church and I really miss it.. Love the cupcakes.. I want one now!