Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My first cakes...

These first set of pictures are from the cakes I did in the beginning of my first class and right after wards last year! I have come a long ways since then in cake decorating and I STILL have a long ways to go!

This was one of the FIRST cakes I made in my class. We learned how to make clowns, they were SUPER easy and SUPER fun!

This was the final cake in my first class. We learned how to make buttercream roses.

I made this cake for both sides of the family for thanksgiving! I had a blast making it! I love FALL!

Here is probably one of the if not the first birthday cake I made after my class or during my class.

Here is the second birthday cake I made for the same lady but different party!

Here is my first christmas cake I made for our church ladies christmas party!

Here is a fun cake I made for my family christmas. I had planned all along to put penguins on it but I did not plan on the slope of the cake. What happened was the cake fell apart while taking it out of the pan, so I adapted and turned it into a slope for the penguins to slide down on! I had a blast making this cake!

This if the FIRST tiered cake I made. I made it before I even knew how to properly support and stack a cake...YIKES! So many imperfections but I do not think my grandparents minded. My mom asked me to make it for their 50th wedding anniversary party! The icing is buttercream, the daisies are fondant and the ribbon is real and the daisies on top are silk and the "50" is gumpaste!

Stay tuned for more pics!

Love, april


  1. Hey! I came across the link to this blog on your other blog. I have a question for you: What class did you take? I have started decorating cakes and have been thinking about taking a class at hobby lobby. I need help with making the icing smooth over the entire cake, did you learn how to do this in your class?

  2. Beautifully done... You amaze me!