Saturday, June 20, 2009

WooHoo! My cake was published in a magazine!

Silly me got SO EXCITED this morning because as I opened my new MailBox news issue which comes out every few months, I had a big surprise. I got to a section where they showed various birthday cakes submitted by cake decorators and there it was...the birthday cake I did for my dad two years ago (when I was still very new at this, as you can tell by the AWFUL hand writing)...but I do love this cake because it was so much fun making the tools and designing the measuring tape and letter to dad to look as real as possible. is the page of the magazine...i scanned it so I could put it on here! So excited...i just submitted a whole bunch more photos...who knows...maybe in months to come i can find more of my cakes in the magazine...that would be awesome!

The bottom middle cake is mine and the right middle paragraph is the paragraph about my cake! I wish I could make it bigger...if you want to see a bigger me at and I can send you a bigger one where you can see the writing and such!

Love, april

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sam & Auri's wedding cake!

I had the priveledge of making my brother in law and now my sister in laws wedding cake! He proposed to her with chocolate covered strawberries so they wanted them all over the cake! Their cake turned out very simple, elegant, garden style and beautiful! They picked a good design! I hope they liked it! I believe they did! These are just a few pics, hopefully once they get the professional ones back I can get a copy and post it here as well!

Love, april