Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fondant cakes!

A lot of people ask me about Fondant so I thought I would do a post on it! 

Fondant is a great icing that is similar to a marshmellow taste.  Its in a consistency where you have to roll it out kind of like dough and then place it on top of the cake and smooth it all out!  What I LOVE about fondant is that it instantly brings the cake up a notch!  You cannot acheive the same smoothness and texture and elegance with buttercream as you can with fondant!  What's also great about fondant is even if someone at your party/wedding does not like it, they can tear it off and buttercream is still underneath for them to enjoy the cake!

Lots of people LOVE fondant and some people do not like it!  However, I think that you have to have a good fondant in order for it to taste good!  I use the same fondant that Duff from Ace of Cakes uses and I LOVE it! 

Yes, fondant is a little more expensive but if you have the budget for it, its SO worth it!  Below I will post some pictures of all the cakes I have done whether they are big or small that have fondant over top the buttercream! 


  1. They are beautiful!! I had no idea...they are amazing!! (should charge more for sure:)

  2. Beautiful cakes April! I agree, charge more! :-)

  3. these cakes above are not the ones I mentioned on our adoption uganda facebook group page...most of these are wedding cakes and i charge $3.50 per slice for fondant covered and $2.50 for buttercream....the $30 cakes I was talking about will be little 8 inch round fondant covered cakes! :0)